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Food Trip!

I celebrated my birthday for 2 consecutive days! Food trip! =p

First, friday - August 8

*Breakfast (Amici - Don Bosco Makati)

Spaghetti Red Vongole E Gamberetti pasta

Tutta Carne pizza

*Lunch ( Tender Bob's - Greenhills)

Second, August 9

*Lunch (Superbowl - Makati)


Our friend Tey will be leaving us for Singapore. *sad* We had our despedida party at Jay-Jay's Ortigas last friday. We had fun. We're keeping our tears to fall down for her not to feel lonely pag-alis nya. I just hope she'll be able to find true happiness and contentment in her new life there. We'll miss you for sure!


I've been a bad blogger! It's been a while... I promise to update this from now on! Good luck on me... =p

Here's one of my sideline (Christening of Bianca). Took this shot while dressing up last July 20, 2008, Angeles, Pampanga.

Here's my entry for this week's theme, "Mahal na Ina". This was taken last Dec 16, 2006 during our wedding. I don't have my father anymore (died when I was 3), so my mom were the only one who walk with me through the aisle. She was very emotional that day (tears of joy). =p Advance Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!
Ito ang ilalahok ko sa ngayong linggo na ito. Kuha ito noong Dec 16, 2006 sa aming kasal. Siya na lamang ang naghatid saken sa altar sapagkat ang aking ama ay pumanaw noong ako'y 3 taon lamang. Siya'y naging emosyonal ng araw na ito. Malapit na ang Araw ng mga Ina, kaya binabati ko lahat ng mga ina ng "Happy Mother's Day!".

Here's my entry for the week 18. I took this shot last 2 weeks ago from our tagaytay trip. This is santan.
Popular cultivated ornamental shrub, flowering year-round, requiring little care. Erect, 90-180 cm in height. For hedges and mass plantings, pruning is done right after blossoms have withered to maintain height of 30-60 cm. This controlled general appearance gives it the name of dwarf santan. Leaves short-stalked, 7-13 cm. long, 3-4 cm wide, broadest near the blunt tip, tapering towards the narrow base. Flower cluster (cyme) with many crowded flowers, 6-12 cm wide. Flowers yellow, red, or tangerine, without fragrance. Petals united into a slender tube about 2.5 cm long, split at the tip into 4 spreading lobes about 1 cm long. Grows in practically any type of soil, but thrives best in sandy loam. Propagation by stem cuttings and layering

It's been more than 2 weeks since my last meme from Photohunt. Here's my entry for this week's theme, Time. This is my nephew's toy. It was a birthday gift from my MIL (Rain's mom).

Here's my entry for this week's theme, "Malungkot" or Sad. I took this shot from our Tagaytay trip last weekend with my hubby. I was caught by the emptiness of it. Very Sad. It would be nicer if someone is sitting... hay!
Huwebes na naman. Ito ang aking ilalahok sa tema ngayong linggo, "Malungkot". Malungkot kase walang kasama. Mas maganda siguro kung meron nakaupo na kasama ng bangko!
Magandang Huwebes sa inyong lahat!


I was cleaning the files I have from my celphone and this is what I found... I don't know why I'm amazed with the buildings. What's with them? I took this shots inside the car while on STOP. hehehe!

Makati Avenue cor Paseo De Roxas

Here's my entry for the week 17. I took this shot from our Tagaytay trip last weekend. I just wish I had a macro lens... waaahh!

Here's my entry for this week. Rain and I went to Tagaytay this morning. We just want to unwind from all the stress (work). We had buffet lunch @ Josephine's and took pictures as well. See more shots I took from my multiply account.
Have a great weekend everyone.

Weekend Snapshot

Here's my entry for this week's theme, "Hugis Pahaba" or Long. I took this shot somewhere in Makati. The sky was blue that time. It was beautiful.

Magandang Huwebes na naman. Ang tema ngayong linggo ay hugis pahaba. Nakuhanan ko ito malapit sa Makati habang ako'y nakatigil dahil sa "stop light". Ang langit ay kulay bighaw na sobrang ganda.

Magandang huwebes sa inyong lahat!

Haven't post anything for the past few weeks for this meme. Well, here's my entry, HALO-HALO. Who can't resist? It's summer! =p

Halo-halo (from Tagalog halo, "mix") is a popular Filipino dessert that is a mixture of shaved ice and milk to which are added various boiled sweet beans and fruits, and served cold in a tall glass or bowl.

Wordless Wednesday

I know I'm late. This is my entry for Project 52, week 16.

I took this shot just before going home from Mall of Asia. We didn't even have any idea that there's a regular fireworks display every sat at SM By The Bay (at the back of Mall of Asia). Just about to take some pics from my family (mama and joshua) at the bridge while waiting for Rain to get the car, (ayaw na namin pumunta sa parking ang layo e.) Bigla nalang nagsigawan ang mga tao. Good thing I brought my camera. I was having a hard time taking shots kase naguluhan ako kung mag-manual ba ako o mag-automatic. hehehe! I got a few shots. See more shots HERE.

Here's my entry for this week's theme "Apat na Kanto" or Square. I'm having a hard time looking for the best picture to post for this week's theme. Good thing I was able to see this picture from my file. I took this shot when we went to Mall of Asia a few weeks ago. I was able to capture its window up on the ceiling.

Ito ang aking kontribusyon sa linggong ito. Nakuhanan ko ito nung kami'y nagpunta sa Mall of Asia mga ilang linggo na ang nakakaraan. Nagandahan ako dahil sa sinag na binibigay nya mula sa labas papunta sa loob ng "mall".

Magandang Huwebes sa inyong lahat!


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